Recognizing the increasing demands on Rotary leaders’ time, as well as each Rotary district’s need to find and equip for district leadership the most capable and talented Rotarians within their widespread geographical boundaries, the District 5510 Leadership Academy was created in Rotary Year 2004-2005 as an exciting and innovative distance-learning approach to leadership development. In 2006-2007, the Academy was expanded to become an Arizona Tri-District Leadership Academy program for Districts 5490, 5500 and 5510 and it was governed by the Tri-District PETS committee. Through this vehicle, selected “Past” Club Presidents of Rotary clubs throughout Arizona can obtain exceptional training at home, via their own computers, under the guidance of some of our most capable and experienced Past District Governors and senior Rotarians from the Arizona Districts. They are able to work at their own pace and on their own schedules, within the guidelines of the program. We believe the primary objective of all district leadership is to help Rotary clubs succeed in accomplishing their own objectives and goals in meeting the needs of their communities and the world community.

To this end, the following courses will be offered during this Rotary year:

First Semester (September, October, and November):

  • The Rotary Brand — a basic overview of the Rotary branding and public image tools and efforts
  • Understanding and Utilizing The Rotary Foundation — an orientation to the programs of TRF, how they relate to Rotary International, and how they can be accessed and utilized by Rotary clubs to accomplish their goals
  • Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs — helping leaders to think outside the box regarding tackling and funding larger needs that are beyond the abilities and resources of a single club, and often require extending beyond a single Rotary year

Second Semester (January, February, and March):

  • Building on a Heritage of Leadership and Accomplishments — a review of who our district leaders have been and what we have accomplished thus far as a pace-setter district for the Rotary World
  • Club Membership Growth and Retention — examining what attracts people to Rotary and the dynamics that build Rotary clubs and keep members interested and active
  • Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Youth Protection — what are a Rotary club’s responsibilities to its members, its contributors, its community, the government and to Rotary International? How can liabilities be evaluated and minimized?

Other potential activities may be required within the coursework, such as:

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An International Home Hosting Experience — involving one (1) or more of the following:

  • Hosting a Vocational Training Team member or leader
  • Hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student
  • Hosting a Rotary Friendship Exchange participant
  • Hosting a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar or other Rotary Foundation alumnus
  • Hosting some other visiting international Rotarian or other Rotary leader
  • Hosting a Gift of Life-Arizona child and parent
  • …more

Arizona Rotary Participation — involving two (2) or more of the following:

  • Participation in a Rotary PETS or other Leadership Development event
  • Participation in the Arizona Rotary Vocational Seminar
  • Put together a successful Arizona Rotary Vocational Scholarship
  • Attending an Arizona Rotary Gift of Life-Arizona Board Meeting
  • …more

Rotary District Participation — involving three (3) or more of the following:

  • Attend a District Rotary Foundation Seminar and/or Dinner
  • Attend a District Finance Committee Meeting
  • Attend a District Membership Seminar
  • Attend a District Club Assembly
  • Attend a District Conference
  • Serve as an Assistant Governor
  • Serve as a District Committee Chair
  • Serve as District Governor Elect or Nominee
  • …more