2019-2020 Schedule

August 2019
On-Line Orientation Meeting
Saturday, August 24, 2019

September 2019
The Rotary Brand
Faculty: TBA
A basic overview of the Rotary brand and its public image.

October 2019
Understanding and Utilizing the Rotary Foundation
Faculty: PDG Ernie Montagne
An overview of The Rotary Foundation for District leaders: spending Foundation $, giving, reports, goals, recognition, and resources you can use in your District.

November 2019
Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs
Faculty: PDG Art Harrington
Helping leaders to think outside the box regarding tackling and funding larger needs that are beyond the abilities and resources of a single club, and often require extending beyond a single Rotary year.

December 2019
No class.
December 15, 2019:  All 1st Semester coursework is due

January 2020
Building on a Heritage of Leadership and Accomplishments
Faculty: PDG Dan Messersmith for District 5495, and PRID Phil Silvers for District 5500
A review of who our District leaders have been and what we have accomplished thus far as a District for the Rotary World.

February 2020
Club Membership Growth and Retention
Faculty: Jay McCall
Examining what attracts people to Rotary, and the dynamics that build Rotary Clubs and keep members interested and active.

March 2020
Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Youth Protection
Faculty: PDG Sandy Goodsite
What are a Rotary Club’s responsibilities to its members, its contributors, its community, the government and to Rotary International?  How can liabilities be evaluated and minimized?

April 2020
No Class.

April 15, 2020:  All 2nd Semester coursework is due

Recognition/Graduation at Appropriate District Event